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Silicon Wafers

Silicon Wafer

Evergreen Semiconductor Materials has available wafers in diameters from 50.2mm – 300mm. While we realize every customer has different specifics we also can customize wafers to meet the exact specifications of your requirements.

We work with Wafer Manufacturers and Distributors that provide Prime Wafers that meet or exceed the standards of Semiconductor Materials International (SEMI). The following is a sample of the types of wafers we provide:

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silicon wafer

Prime Grade Wafers

  • High Quality Wafers with tight specifications
  • Used primary for manufacturing of devices
  • Tight range of resistivity, metals, flatness and particle counts

Lithography Grade Wafers

  • Substrates that have tight flatness characteristics
  • Manufactured with very flat Total Thickness Variance (TTV) specifications
  • Provide little variation in surface flatness within the site area

Test / Monitor Grade Wafers

  • Used in testing and sampling processes in semiconductor fabrication.
  • High quality wafers with less comprehensive specifications than prime grade wafers
  • Measure the performance and conditions of particular semiconductor processing step.
  • Provides a more economical solution for isolated testing.

Low Resistivity Wafers

  • Most commonly referred to as P+ and N+ wafers
  • Heavily doped substrates that produce highly conductive, low resistivity characteristics

Epitaxial Grade Wafers (EPI)

  • Prime Silicon wafers with a single crystalline layer of silicon deposited on the surface
  • Layer is typically a different resistivity or dopant than the underlaying substrate
  • EPI Wafers provide multiple layers of resistivity and a pure flat surface for device manufacturing

Mechanical Grade Wafers

  • Typically 300 mm wafers, but can be any diameter
  • Specifications are less tight than other wafer grades
  • Specifications more relaxed for resistivity, surface quality and thickness

Reclaim Grade Wafers

  • Wafers without films, metals or other contaminants
  • Wafers are returned back to original surface condition by chemical and/or mechanical processing techniques
  • Available in mirror finish and/or with particle and flatness specifications
  • Low cost alternative to virgin wafers

Double Side Polished Wafers

  • Typically required in semiconductor MEMS, and other applications calling for tight flatness specifications
  • Needed for double side patterning and device manufacturing operations

Float Zone Wafers (FZ)

  • Used in manufacture of discrete power devices, high efficiency solar, RF chips and optical products
  • Can produce resistivity measurements up to 50,000 ohm-cm